The man behind the camera(s)


I have been passionate about photography and filmmaking for over 12 years, ever since a teacher thrusted an old Minolta film camera into my hands whilst on a school photography trip to Paris. This sparked a passion for photography which, over the years, has grown from being a time-consuming hobby to now being the business it is today.

Although based in the beautiful Georgian city of Bath, I capture weddings across the United Kingdom, and have even photographed destination weddings in as far away locations as South Africa - no wedding is too far.  

I love getting really stuck in when photograph weddings. I’ve been completely soaked by rain, soared high above a wedding party in a cherry picker, and even been thrown around in the back of a safari jeep in order to capture the most memorable moments of a wedding.

My special someone

Whilst studying at the University of Bath I met Sarah, a bright-eyed, passionate and ambitious girl who took my breath away. It was not until after University that we became an item and, after Sarah gained a place at medical school, we did long distance for 4 years: Sarah in Southampton and me in London. Once Sarah finished med school in 2017, I quit my job in London and we went travelling together. We've now been together for almost 6 years and, in July 2018, we finally moved in together in our favourite city in the UK, Bath, where Sarah now works as a junior doctor.

Now that I've told you my story, why don't you tell me yours?

As often as possible, I try and combine my passion for photography with my love of travel. You can see my travel photography on my Counting Countries website.


Sam Gillespie